The assistance given to sport is not merely a matter of raising brand awareness, but one of showcasing Turkey and Turkish sportpersons worldwide. The Soyak Team project aims to ensure that these individuals reach the heights they deserve, and from among hundreds of sportspersons thirty were selected. An interview process then identified the 5 sportspersons considered most appropraite and representative of Soyak goals and corporate values.

The project, undertaken to support young and promising sportspersons, to contribute to the development of indivual sports and to serve as an example to other Turkish organisations, has over a five-year period supported 5 young sportpersons in five separate individual fields.

Soyak, keen to promote and develop both teams sports of mass following and more individual disciplines, has invested around TL 2 million over a five-year period.

Each of the sportspersons to have proudly worn the Soyak logo has taken big strides in their respective fields. And as part of the process, they have in turn successfully represented the Soyak brand and won it considerable value.