Soyak Evostar, being the second project presented by Soyak in İstanbul’s rising value Halkalı, is comprised of total 1000 residences. The residences designed with an ideal size concept for which you will pay less while purchasing and living in them were delivered to their owners in December 2013 and the sales process has been completed.

Soyak Evostar, where ultimate care is shown in using materials not harming the nature and achieving savings, promises a new generation of a life style with its specially designed gardens, swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts and social facilities.

Natural light has been utilized to the maximum extent in architectural space design.

Innovative approach:

Small sized flat concepts and special internal architecture unique to these small sized flats have been used in the designs.

In the landscaping design, mirror walls have been used for a perception of twofold width of landscaping areas around the pool surroundings.

The reflection of the drop form used in the project to the elements in the landscaping design and the interesting structural and special plant lighting designs have added an efficient visual value at nights. Environmental lighting elements which do not light the sky have been chosen for use. Light colours have been preferred for roof and firm ground coverings not to cause any greenhouse effect and gravels have been spread to form a ground on top of block roofs.