1. Customer: Customer is the person who has bought residential / commercial estate from SOYAK projects and/or who are the tenants.
2. Complaints: Complaints are the cases involving written and verbal dissatisfaction transmitted by customers regarding the products/services that is guaranteed by SOYAK.
3. Customer Satisfaction: It is limited with the guaranteed services.
4. Expired Complaint: Complaints which could not be resolved within the specified period of time. 5. Call Log: Main category of the written or verbal contact in Soyak Information System.
6. Complaint Category: Main reason of the occurrences of the written or verbal complaint.

SOYAK is committed to the principles of ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management System which are transparency, availability, responsiveness, objectivity, wages, privacy, customer-oriented approach, accountability and continued improvement.

The following methods are applied in SOYAK Customer Relationship and Complaints Management

Communication with Customers:

Connection with Customers contains face to face and verbal communications via telephone number 444 0 795 SOYAK Call Center, by using the live support line located in website, by texting to e-mailing address, by visiting sales offices, by the events organized by SOYAK and etc.

Receiving and Transmitting the Complaints:

Complaints claimed and transmitted by the existing or prospect customers via phone, by sending e-mail, by using live support, sending fax and etc. are recorded on SOYAK Information System. Depending on the state of the complaint, it is solved instantly or is redirected to the related team to be treated and also followed up.

Handling, Analyzing and Solving of the Complaints:

Complaints redirected to the concerned team by the Call Center over SOYAK Information Systems are analyzed in detail. At the end of the analysis and reviewing process, necessary actions are taken for the solution of the complaints.

Providing Feedback for the Complaint:

Call Center checks out the conclusion description of the complaint activity which is opened and redirected to the concerned team, and if it is solved, starts the closure process.

Closure of the complaints:

Call Center Team follows up the activities on daily basis and by the status of the complaint, gives approval of closure.

Follow Up of The Complaints:

Complaints are followed up by the Call Center Team in coordination with the concerned units.

Measuring the Customer Satisfaction during The Complaint Treatment Process:

With respect of all closed complaints, the degree of customer satisfaction is measured by the Call Center Team by asking the customers via phone call about the issues of resolution of the complaint, the technique and the quality of the service provided, interest shown by the staff, duration of the process and etc.

Performance Measurement of the Complaints Treatment Process:

The performance of the process is measured by consideration of the following criteria:

Compliance with the target durations in order to open and record the activities over SOYAK Information System which are received via various channels,

Compliance with the average resolution time targets of the complaint treated.