Quality Management


To be a leading brand that creates contemporary and quality living spaces for a sustainable future.


As a stable and reliable organization in the real estate sector, to contribute to all our stakeholders and our country with innovative applications that respect the nature and the environment hence keeping social values in the forefront.

Core corporate values

Respect for the Environment and People

Our Management Systems Policy

To establish and continuously improve systems in order to obtain efficient business results, to meet the expectations of our stakeholders within the scope of responsibility and consciousness, exceeding the current and future expectations of our stakeholders. To comply with the law on environment, health and safety, to prevent pollution, to take necessary precautions against injuries and health deterioration, and to develop preventive systems by identifying all kinds of hazards.

Our Customer Policy

To create living spaces that will add value to our customers by detecting their needs and expectations, to provide customer-oriented, reliable, easily accessible and quality services by protecting consumer rights both during and after sales.

Our Customer Complaints Policy

To listen and record complaints from existing and potential customers without prejudice,

To follow the complaints efficiently and effectively and to carry out the processes that must be applied in order to be clear, impartial, fair and for the complaints to be resolved in accordance with the principles of confidentiality within the time period targeted according to the complaint issues,

To inform our customers about the results supported by an urgent, transparent, objective and customer oriented approach,

To take measures for the prevention of complaint repetition by going down to their root causes, to consider the complaints from the customers as an opportunity and to make or caused to be made improvements and developments in the business processes.

Our Human Resources Policy

To form the organization with the participation of people who are team mates, compatible with the corporate values, open to changes and productive, to have these people continuously improved in accordance with the culture of excellence and to become the institution that all our employees will be proud of.

Our Cooperation Policy

Creating value to our customers by building sustainable relationships with our business partners/suppliers in order to achieve shared goals that are consistent with our corporate values within the framework of trust, respect, transparency and win-win principles.

Our Social Responsibility Policy

To provide added value for the formation of social, environmental, social environment and conditions in order to raise awareness of sustainable quality of life with our activities for all our social stakeholders.

Our Information Security Management System Policy

To provide secure access to information assets, to protect information within the principles of availability, integrity and confidentiality, to assess and manage the risks that may arise on information assets, to apply appropriate policies in case of infringement of information security, to comply with all applicable legislative requirements, to maintain and improve the level of information security with the established control infrastructure.

Our Information Technologies Service Management System Policy

To ensure that all services undertaken by the information technologies unit in the Service Catalogue are carried out in a manageable, sustainable and controllable manner, to identify any deficiencies identified by feedback from the users and by other measurements and to improve the system continuously.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources – (HR) process is represented in Soyak as the Human Resources and Quality Directorate of the Holding and it is included in the “Management Team” which is the supreme decision mechanism. This group consists of Human Resources and Quality, Personnel Affairs, Administrative Affairs and IT functions.

Selection and Recruitment

To draw potential candidates that we need pursuant to the expectations stated under the HR policy to the organizational pool, to place these people in the open positions with healthy methods and pursuant to the principle of equal opportunity without making any discriminations on religion, race, language, sex and age, to conduct systematic selection and recruitment activities in order to employ persons right for the expected experience and competencies.

During the recruitment process, Human Resources conducts the first interview based on competence. The compliance of the candidate with the expected duties, qualifications and competencies is reported. Interviews with managers to assess whether the candidates deemed appropriate by HR have the required technical knowledge, compatibility with the team and the experience and the competence to perform the job at the desired level. The jobs are offered to candidates who satisfy all the evaluations positively and hiring procedures are carried out. All candidates in the selection – recruitment process are informed with regard to their application. Soyak has been awarded the “Human Respect Award” for the consecutive past four years by “www.kariyer.net” which is one of the sources where our personnel requirements are announced.

In the selection – recruitment process, portals such as kariyer.net, yenibiris.com, etc. are utilized.

Training and Development

Special attention is paid to training in Soyak in order for our employees to provide superiority both to themselves and their organizations in the competition race by adapting them to changes and in order to make them individuals who are creative, have the ability to overcome problems, know how to access, analyse and use information, think flexible, exhibit healthy behaviour characteristics and continue their social, cultural and professional development in accordance with the requirements of information age. It is therefore aimed that the potential of our employees is transformed into maximum performance.

The training and development activities of the employees at Soyak start with the Orientation Program, which is organized to ensure compatibility of the person with the organization, with the team and business and to inform the person about the issues that might be required. On-the-job training is organized in this context, including supplier employees. At the beginning of the year, a “Training and Development Plan” is established and activities are carried out throughout the year. This “Training and Development Plan” also includes package programs that have been carried out since 2004 as a standard. In order to improve the leadership and coaching competencies of all our executives, a “Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP)” with a standard content and “Capability Pool Program (CPP)” to accelerate the development of our high potential employees and to measure this development are yearly applied as the result of the cooperation done with independent consulting companies.

Performance Management

As a result of the common understanding created about what needs to be achieved in the name of SOYAK, evaluations are conducted based on the efforts made and the level of achievement gained in order to increase the likelihood of achieving company targets, directing employees, developing and realizing these targets.

The Performance Management System consists of annual planning, target reviewing and evaluation periods of the measurement system used to assess the individual goals, duties and expected competence levels of the employees during the year.

Social Benefits

Lunch is provided to our employees as the result of the cooperation with the food distribution companies in our centres and project offices. Service buses are available for all our employees so that they can easily reach the work places.

Our Quality Management Systems Practices
Strategy Management System

In line with the Corporate Strategy, Soyak sets its Key Goals for the current year that include the priority issues of that year. Sub-targets and individual targets are identified with the participation of employees after the main targets have been identified. Afterwards, the targets are announced to all employees.

Process Management System

Soyak has established and maintained a Process Management System to focus on priorities, to use resources more effectively, bring all the work and activities into a measurable state and make improvements in the processes to achieve better performance.

Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, IS0 27001 Management Systems)

Soyak integrated its applications with systems as a means of institutionalization and successfully assessed its systems by having them certified. By this means, we have been a leader in quality in this sector. Certified systems are ISO 9001 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

EFQM Excellence Model

In addition to being the first organization from the sector to participate in the National Quality Movement and the National Quality Award, it has also been a source of pride to be on the final at the National Quality Award and winning the National Quality Achievement Award. Soyak is still the first and only company in the sector in this respect.

Participation of Employees

Task Teams: Task teams in the organizational structure are set up for improvement areas with priority and strategic importance in Soyak and for some institutional objectives that require the participation of different functions.

Task teams established with the participation of employees with different functions and different titles are authorized and responsibilities are given to them in issues to research, present and prepare reports individually as employees or in subgroups. By this means, a suitable environment is created for the employees to demonstrate their talents and creativity.

Leaders encourage participation and involvement of the Team Members as “Task Team Leaders” if required by personally being included in the Task Teams or by supporting the projects being carried out.

Suggestion System: The participation of the employees in Soyak is taken as a priority and is put into practice by different means. The suggestion system, being of one of these tools, enable the employees to think about the issues concerning their organization and to put forth their ideas ideas for the improvement of the current situation.

Recognition – Appreciation System: In Soyak, a systematic recognition and appreciation practice is being carried out in order to encourage employees to succeed and to increase their feeling of belonging.

Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Practices

Soyak evaluates all the risks that protect the health and safety of its employees and takes into consideration its consequences. It keeps available occupational physicians, health officers, occupational safety specialists for this purpose and/or enables such services to be covered by a contracted CHSU (Common Health Safety Unit).

Moreover, in line with all the relevant legislation, all measures are taken in terms of the health and safety of the employees and the environment, monitoring and measurement activities are carried out, risk assessments are conducted and all employees are trained in this context.