Soyak was established in 1961.

In 1962, the first major project soyak Tuzla Infantry School dormitories and housing officers have been complete. In the 1960s, various plant life and social facilities projects progeny, the first residential project carried out in 1970. In 1975, the first overseas project in Libya performs Soyak, thus began to make a name at international level.

When it comes to 80s Outsourcing started and brought about changes in the Turkish economy, the growth process has been true for soybean. In Istanbul, many modern residential living units progeny, so far 50,000 people have provided an opportunity to own a home.

When it comes to 2004, Soyak consisting of 3000 houses on an area of ​​320 thousand square meters and completing Soyak Yenişehir, has launched another major project: Soy Olympiakent.

On the European side of Istanbul, on an area of ​​1 million square meters, the project Soyak Olympiakent delivered to their owners by the end of 2006 has been completed.

Soyak in 2006 in Izmir Soyak Mavişehir project consisting of 1,568 residential sales in 2007, starting the first stage, the second stage in 2008, has been delivered to their owners.

In 2007, two new projects located in Kartal, Istanbul, Soybean and soy Evreka Evreka housing 812 consisting of 126 housing projects have been initiated. In March 2009 Soyak Evreka, soya Evreka in July 2009 has been delivered to their owners.

Offered for sale in 2008, 2,250 houses in Izmir Karsiyaka after 1.etab Soyak Siesta Project Stage 2 also were sold as of October 2009. The project’s sales are continuing.

In 2010, the Istanbul Ring in 1121 with the sale of houses project began Soyak Park Aparts. The project’s sales are continuing.

Soyak In 2011, 1,109 houses in Izmir Soyak Mavişehir began sales of the Optimus project. The project’s sales are continuing.

In October 2011, a total of 1,000 housing units in Halkali Soyak EVOSTAR project has started selling. The project’s sales are continuing.

In 2012, the Istanbul Zincirlikuyu consisting of 77 houses began selling Soyak Soho. The project’s sales are continuing.

Soyak in the industry, with over 50 years of experience in successful housing projects chipped from each other, this is an organization operating in the country requires is careful not to lose its sense of social responsibility. In this aspect; beneficial to society, solutions to problems which may constitute undertakes social responsibility projects.

In this context soyak implemented in the construction of housing projects undertaken and submitted to the Ministry of Education in Turkey with schools that contribute to the educational campaign. Social responsibility, education in areas outside the community to be useful, aiming to build the health and cultural centers, mosques, public buildings and other social structures, and only their own projects to areas not only in the immediate vicinity quality of life to rise contributes. Soyak; In 2003, the scope of social responsibility and social responsibility, combining different sports in sport aims to support individual and “Soyak Team” project was launched.

The project, covering a 5-year period, to reach their goals in a way that ended in 2008.

Social responsibility of the corporate culture as part of a positioning Soyak, work plan, the continuity principle to prioritize socially responsible sustainable projects formation for the future benefit to be important believes. Working at the heart of this principle in sustainable environmental and social projects are focused on.

With this approach; In 2007, in collaboration with the Rotary Club Karsiyaka in Izmir “Save a Drop for the Future” project launched social responsibility. Located in Izmir savings in water consumption of 15 state schools to ensure renewed in 2008, the project moved to Istanbul, Bostanci and Karaköy has continued to work with the cooperation of the Rotary Club. “Keep a drop of the Future” project after two years of implementation was carried out in a total of 33 schools.

In 2013 a new social responsibility project was launched Smart Stars. Smart Stars of Energy Saving Social Responsibility Project, between the years 2014-2016 in Istanbul and Izmir are planned to be conducted in 33 public schools. Project partners include the Ministry of Education with the Bilgi University, where Smart Stars Energy Saving Corporate Social Responsibility Project’s purpose in grade 4 science and technology curriculum in parallel with the topics to be discussed with the elementary school students, in these students’ teachers and parents in the energy-saving, energy-efficient use and importance for sustainable living is to create awareness on issues. Project details akilliyildizlar.com can be found on the website.