Turkey, being one of the real estate markets in Europe with the brightest future, is a country gaining more and more importance everyday in the line of its location. Turkey holds together many advantages in terms of both the business world and the tourism sector with its strategic location at the junction point of Europe, Middle East and Central Asia and with its natural richness. At the same time, it attracts the attention of the World with the point it has reached in terms of economic growth rate and development.

With the impact of rapid urbanization and demographic changes, it is anticipated that the real estate sector will experience a significant growth worldwide until the year 2020 and that the investments will increase while more increasing opportunities in the sector are seen. Project which have been realized in Turkey such as the Gulf Crossing Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the ongoing 3rd Airport Project will bring Turkey to the status of number one transportation, energy and logistics junction point. These projects are not only of great importance to Turkey but remain as significant factors in Turkey’s becoming a global logistics centre. Besides all those that have been mentioned, complementary projects in fields of education, culture and trade makes Turkey a centre of attraction.

Turkish real estate sector attracting more attention of foreign investors with the increasing number of projects will have completed the significant part of its urban transformation works by the year 2023 and the real estate sector in Turkey will have achieved a global dimension.

Turkey is a country with many advantages for investors with its growing stable economy, demographical features, qualified work force, investment environment open to innovations, geographical location, its being the energy corridor of Europe, lower taxes and its bigger internal market share.   The Shopping Mall, residence, detached and home/office concept housings realized under the “liveable luxury” concept developed along with all these general and positive reasons also increase the interest of the investors in Turkey.