Date Soyak Precious Steps

Establishment of Soyak Construction by Yilmaz Soyak

First construction project -Tuzla Infantry School’s Dormitory and Officer Lodging

First Housing Project – Bahar Housing Complex (283 residences)

First overseas housing project – Bingazi / Libya (348 residences)

First quality and modern living project – Soyak Goztepe (1536 residences)

Work flow tables were prepared upon carrying out the first studies for the adaptation of Process Management

Duty descriptions and organization structure were drawn up upon carrying out the first studies for Human Resources Management

Soyak Yenisehir Project was commenced

With the target of founder Yilmaz Soyak concerning to the “Establishment of Projects with 10.000 residences” under the corporate strategy, “Production Oriented” strategy was changed to “Customer Oriented” strategy,

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Infrastructure studies were started,

Responsibility fields of the Vice-General Director of Customer Services Department and the Vice-General Director of Marketing Department were expanded,

Studies on the formation of After Sales Customer Services and Housing Complex Management were started

Total Quality Management was adopted as a management approach

Vertical organizational structure was put into use

First systematical studies were performed in the field of Strategy Management, company’s vision, mission and merits were determined, with the first search conference, corporate targets was degraded to the level of individual targets and these were started to be observed in written

Systems related to the sub-functions of Human Resources Management were put into use

New approaches for the Process Management were adopted (main processes, determination of auxiliary and key processes and formation in this direction, designation of work flow belonging to the production process, up-dating the procedures and duty descriptions)

“Duty Teams” were started their works as the first improvement project teams

Proposal – Award Assessments Systems were installed

Customer call center was established

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate, which is the first Quality Management System Certificate, was obtained from the Bureau Veritas with zero error

“Employee Satisfaction Survey”, “Customer Satisfaction Survey” and “Marketing Researches” were put into implementation

The Company participated into the National Quality Event and the first Self-Assessment study was performed

Corporate Communication Team was formed o Soyak Olympiakent project was commenced

First online selling was realized

CRM integration project was put into practice, first Markametre and Institutional Recognition researches were performed with a professional collaboration partner

The Leader Improvement Program was initiated upon attaching importance to the approaches of leadership, which is among the merits of Soyak

The Ability Pool Program was started for the purpose of determination and improvement of talented people among the employees

Soyak Technical Specifications was created together with our accreditation institution Bureau Veritas

Upon obtaining the certificates of ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the Integrated Management System was adopted

Human Resources and Management Systems functions were given under the responsibility of newly established “Human Resources Department Vice-General Director”

Supplier / Contractor Improvement – Certification / Documentation project was put into practice

Projects called “Supplier Satisfaction” and “Living Quality in Camps” were commenced

1st Stage of Soyak Mavisehir project was commenced

Soyak logo was renewed under the frame of institutional identity studies

First studies on the crisis management were performed and risk factors were determined

Soyak was recorded into Turkey’s “Super Brands Catalogue” by the Superbrands

Soyak appeared in every comparison projects organized by Kalder

Social responsibility projects were put into practice (school, health center, cultural center, public area constructions)

First sponsorship in sport; “Soyak Team” was established with five individual athletes

Intranet was comprehensively brought into the use of all employees with SPPS

Being the first and the only organization who applied to the National Quality Award process organized by Tusiad – Kalder from the housing and real estate sector, Soyak became one of the finalists in the first year

Competencies of employees were reevaluated from the point of Soyak’s merits and put into practice

Applications such as Strategy Management, Performance Management System was started to be implemented in electronic environments

Chairmanship of GYODER Board was started to be represented under Soyak General Director office

Membership of Athleticism Federation Board was started to be represented under Soyak Vice-General Director office

Tusiad – Kalder National Quality Achievement Award was acquired under the category of “Large Scale Organizations”

Soyak Evraka project was commenced

2nd stage of Soyak Mavisehir project was commenced

The project called “Save A Drop For The Future” was initiated in order to raise the awareness of public in terms of environmental effects

It appeared in the 195th row of general rating system of ISO 500 organizations and also obtained the 2nd raw among organizations having most escalated turnover

We gave assistance to our suppliers for having them participated into the National Quality Event of Kalder and thus ensured their institutional improvement

Vice-Chairmanship of Izmir Kalder Board was represented under Soyak Vice-General Director office

Sec. Erkut Soyak be Soyak Holding Chairman

In 18 schools located in Istanbul’s “Keep a drop of Future” project to be covered

Soyak Mavişehir be delivered to the holders of A and B regions

The creation of reputation management model

Sec. Soyak Holding appointment as CEO in order Çamlıbel

Soyak Siesta project groundbreaking ceremony

Soyak Evreka and soy Evreka delivery of projects

Soyak Future “Save a Drop” corporate social responsibility projects and project measurement, World Association of Research of ESOMAR’s 62 years at the congress, representing Turkey accepted and Switzerland presentations are invited to a “single statement as” to take place.

Located in Izmir Karsiyaka Soyak Siesta project, successfully completed Stage 1 of the sales launch of the second phase to be carried out.

Soyak, Intelligent Information System (CBC) with the application of the “Best Mobile Campaign” award winning.

Soyak, “Customer Service Development Project” organized by IMI 5th Istanbul Call Center Conference & Exhibition “Most Commended Performance Improvement” award winning.

Soyak, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Real Estate Center’s “first and only Turkish partner to be”

Soyak Park Aparts project initiation

Soyak Siesta Zone 1 to be delivered to the owner

Soyak Mavisehir Optimus initiation of the project

Soyak EVOSTAR initiation of the project

Soyak Siesta Zone 2 to be delivered to the owner

Changing the corporate logo soyak

Soho soyak to both sales as well as the construction of the project initiation

Soyak Siesta 3rd District to be delivered to the owner

Soyak Siesta start of Stage 4 sale

Soyak Park Aparts be delivered to the owners of the project

Soyak EVOSTAR be delivered to the owners of the project

The publication of the Corporate Responsibility Report

Projects to be delivered to the owner of Soho soyak

Soyak Mavisehir Optimus projects to be delivered to the owner of

“Smart Stars” Energy Saving Project initiation of Corporate Social Responsibility