In Soyak Yenişehir, built on an area of 320.000 square meters and comprising 3000 residences, an opportunity to easily reach the city centre with public service vehicles is available. Soyak Yenişehir project, conceptualized considering any expectations of the residents to meet their needs, offers the opportunity of a fine holiday and doing sports without getting away from your home with its supermarket, drugstore, shopping centre, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts and gymnasiums.

Soyak Yenişehir, being delivered after the required controls have been conducted at all stages starting from the foundation stage following the ground study performed with the world’s leading construction technologies, is the finest example of contemporary living spaces with its responsible officers for issues such as installation, electricity and similar issues as well as the 24-hour in charge private security officers.

Soyak Yenişehir project provides the opportunity to live in a unique area with its waterfall, magnolias and palm trees, after which the project stages have been named, besides safer, more useful and more aesthetical residences for a better life.