Making great contribution in several fields with the sense of social responsibility, Soyak also brings in a number of valuable books to Turkish under the mane of Soyak Publications in order to enlighten the community.

Şirketler İçin Yeşil Karne

Yazar : Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Jack J. Phillips

Baskı Tarihi : Ağustos 2011


Alanında uzman isimler Patti ve JackPhillips’in kaleme aldığı “GreenScorecard”ın Türkçe çevirisi “Yeşil Karne”, çevrenin korunması ve sürdürülebilir gelecek için gerçekleştirilen çalışmalara değerli bir kaynak olma niteliğinde olup, çevreye duyarlı şirketlere yeşil yatırımlarının geri dönüşümünü doğru analiz edebilmeleri için önemli ipuçları veriyor. ROI Enstitüsü CEO’su PattiPhillips ve ROI Enstitüsü Başkanı JackPhillips’in yılların birikimiyle, patentine sahip oldukları ‘yatırımın geri dönüşümü’ metodolojisini formüllere döktüğü kitap; bilimsel bir yaklaşıma dayanan ölçüm sistemiyle şirketlerin sürdürülebilirlik anlayışının finansal katma değerini ve çevreye yaptıkları yatırımın geri dönüşünü kolayca ölçümlemelerini sağlıyor.

Istanbul Life in the Mirror of History

Author : Alpay Kabacalı

Print Date :


In this valuable book issued with the support given within the structure of Soyak Publications, you will explore everything about old Istanbul; you will find enormous information together with visual richness from places to daily life, from community profile to clothes and from palace life to feasts and entertainments and further you will take an enjoyable trip around Istanbul in the mirror of History.

The book, penned with the information received from authorities such as people witnessed to the history, journalists, history authors, and researches by investigative author Alpay Kabacali, brings the old Istanbul into light with all its colors and a smooth narration.

Living Culture in Anatolia from the Tradition to the Future

Author : Metin Sözen

Print Date : 


The book, including a number of signs which achieved to reach from past to present days through the triangle of nature, history and culture in Turkey, stands out as a consequence of an intensive effort with its visual quality and richness in details. The book, called “Living Culture in Anatolia from the Tradition to the Future” has the feature of being an important reference source for people to discover different cultures established in Anatolia starting from the first ages up until now.

Prof. Dr. Metin Sozen summarizes the “Living Culture in Anatolia” with his following words; “This publication, full of visual richness covering samples from the authentic fields of our living culture which had been rather protected up to present days, intends to concentrate people’s interest on efforts continuously carried out across the house-street-city-basin-region in the course of keeping the natural-historical-cultural values alive, and to provide the sustainability of relation between the nature-human-culture”.

Moral Intelligence

Author : Doug Lennick – Fred Kiel, Ph. D.

Print Date : 2008


“Moral Intelligence” covers opinions and suggestions of the world wide known 78 directors on the subject of leadership.

The book called “Moral Intelligence” and written by Doug Lennick and Dr. Fried Kiel, was published by Soyak Publications with the name of “Etik Zeka”. In this book, drawn up as a result of interviews made with 31 CEO’s and 47 senior directors, business ethics, codes of conduct and their implementations within the organizations are discussed. In the book, the “Moral Intelligence” is described as mental capacity which enables us to decide on how global principles and disciplines should be integrated into our values, goals and behaviors. In the book, including samples and explanations about how leaders should use their ethic and emotional intelligence, readers will further find researches which will be helpful to evaluate their own moral intelligence.

Human Resources and Quality in the Process of Total Excelling

Author : Haldun Ersen

Print Date : Temmuz 2003, 2.Baskı

ISBN : 975-92234-0-6

Trends developed by the acceleration of change in the 21st century and new economy lead us to new guests. Aspirations of the world countries and organizations to survive in the global markets through creating difference against their competitors carried the change and institutionalism with it. This process further ensures that organizations need to improve themselves through adopting modern management techniques.

The understanding of capturing advantage against competitors through creating difference requires that organizations should take the human factor to forefront and deal with their management strategies, human resources and quality outputs in an integrated manner. Organizations, under the total quality management philosophy; are domestic and foreign customer oriented, adopt the philosophy of team spirit, focus on the common goals and targets and the most importantly they expect that performance criterions should be measurable and assessable. This expectation arises from the organizations’ desire to implement the management with objectives based on the human resources and quality policy and processes.

In this book, human resources and quality functions in the process of excelling are explained in details and further it is tried to provide an integrated perspective for all individuals and organizations who are interested in the subject with an institutional road map.

Concepts of today’s world, where the human and intellectual capital are the most important facts, are shared with readers by the system and quality approach.

Urban Transformation

Author : David THORNS

Print Date : Aralık 2004. 1. Baskı

ISBN : –

After giving lectures on the subject of sociology at Nottingham, Exeter and Auckland Universities, David Thorns, author of the book called “Urban Transformation, nowadays, continues his professorial task in the Sociology and Anthropology Department of Canterbury University in New Zealand. The author has 10 books published on the subjects such as housing, tourism, methodology, effects of cities and regions in the economy. Presently, he carries on his studies in the fields such as restructuring and change in capitalist communities, meaning of the hearth and home and globalization.